A Beginners Guide to LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for professional networking – think Facebook for your business connections. Users can connect with each other on an individual basis as well as following companies and joining networking groups.


How do I get administrative access to my University’s LinkedIn company page?

You should be able to access a list of page administrators by navigating to the bottom of your company page. In the first instance you should approach the current administrators to ask them to also designate you as one. However if this is not possible for any reason you will need to contact LinkedIn directly via their help pages.


How can I use LinkedIn to engage with business and community partners?

You can post updates regarding current activity as well as adding details of products and services available. The content of your posts should tie in with your general marketing/business engagement strategy.

What are LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups are essentially forums to bring together people interested in a particular area. They can be used for sharing information, discussions or networking. LinkedIn groups can be a very powerful tool, particularly if you are targeting a particular audience, however they require management and moderation to maintain discussions and to prevent infiltration by spammers.