What content should you post?

You need to consider a number of things when planning content for your social media sites:

  • Audience

You should probably start off by thinking about exactly who you are trying to communicate with via social media – is it current business partners, potential business customers, community partners, alumni or a combination? This will allow you to figure out what you want to say to people and when.


  • Tone

Social media is less formal than traditional media so you can probably use a more informal, conversational tone. Do remember, however, that you are still communicating on behalf of your University and retain a level of professionalism.


Also remember that social media is about conversations, not just about broadcasting what you are doing so ensure you respond to posts in which you are mentioned.


  • Calls to action

Your social media posts should just be the start of your audience’s engagement with you. Your posts should aim to make people want to learn more about what you’re doing – so tell them where to go for further information or how to register for that event you’re promoting


Try to integrate social media into the rest of your business marketing strategy – it shouldn’t be seen in isolation but as a tool to increase the impact of your marketing campaigns.