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Really Taking Off

The past few weeks have been really, really busy! Suddenly awareness of social media seems to be everywhere across the University and I keep getting requests to go and talk to people about what I’m doing with this project and how they can take advantage of it. In addition to using the Coventry University twitter feed … Read more

Social Media Tools: Yammer

Since the Focus Group session in December I have been looking into a social networking site called Yammer. Yammer is an enterprise social network, originally a small start up but now owned by Microsoft, which purports to improve communications across organisations. As I’m sure anyone who works in HE is aware, Universities aren’t the best … Read more

Measuring Progress

One of the issues I’ve struggled to address so far is how to measure progress/success in this project. My default answer has been “getting any kind of business-facing activity onto our social media channels” but as we start to move towards the end of the project in July I really want to start looking at … Read more

Starting to Use Social Media

My main task over the past few weeks has been to start to generate content for the University’s social media sites which will be interesting and relevant to businesses – as mentioned before I’m primarily focussing in Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m initially focussing on three key areas of the University’s business and community engagement: Events: … Read more

Happy New Year!

It’s been a pretty busy start to the year here at Coventry, I’ve already had three meetings with our Marketing team to discuss implementation of some of the key actions from last year’s Focus Group and I’ve commissioned a couple of pieces of physical marketing material which incorporate some interactive and virtual reality elements. We … Read more


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been concentrating my efforts on understanding what the University currently does with social media and other new technologies – both to try and benchmark where we  are at the moment and to start to think about ways we might be able to update our business engagement techniques. As anticipated … Read more

Thinking About Next Steps

Whilst I’ve been concentrating recently on reviewing the JISC resources available for the project as well as looking at what Coventry University (and others) are doing in the area of social media engagement I’m concious that we’ll very soon have to start developing our plans for field research. This will have two stages: firstly, talking … Read more