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Second Focus Group: Outcomes

Last week’s focus group was another really interesting session – it was a slightly smaller group this time with only three business and community representatives but we had a great discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of social media use. Interestingly, we came to some of the same conclusions as last time particularly in terms … Read more

All Change!

Quite a lot has changed since my last post – I was offered a job at the University of Nottingham which I’m taking up at the start of June and as a result the end date of this project has moved forward to the end of May. The last week has been a slightly frantic … Read more

Focus Group Outcomes

We held our Focus Group this Monday and, much to my relief, it was a great session! We had six people attending in the end – three from various areas of the University involved with either social media or business engagement; and three representatives from outside the University – so it was a good mix. … Read more

Focus Group: Planning

Well we have a date set for our focus group of the 10th December which is very exciting! I’ve been working on this project pretty much single-handedly so far with some input from the project steering group so the Focus Group is a really good opportunity to get some other colleagues involved. I’m doing this … Read more

Reviewing JISC Resources

As mentioned following the last Action Learning Set session one of my objectives was to write a post reviewing my use of JISC resources. As I’ve been struggling to find relevant JISC resources for the project this post also covers some of the reasons I’ve used less than anticipated. So here goes: Addressing barriers to … Read more

Benchmarking Study: Some Statistics

Last week I finally finished my social media benchmarking study – something I was starting to worry I’d never complete – and collated all the data. Some of my preliminary findings are as follows: Social Media take-up is high in general 98% of Universities surveyed had a facebook profile 100% of Universities surveyed had a twitter … Read more

Benchmarking Progress Report

I feel slightly guilty as I haven’t been keeping up with my blog as well as I should have been over the past few weeks however in my defence I have been concentrating on finishing my benchmarking study which has taken rather longer to complete than anticipated. Thankfully the end is in sight, I hope … Read more


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been concentrating my efforts on understanding what the University currently does with social media and other new technologies – both to try and benchmark where we  are at the moment and to start to think about ways we might be able to update our business engagement techniques. As anticipated … Read more

Thinking About Next Steps

Whilst I’ve been concentrating recently on reviewing the JISC resources available for the project as well as looking at what Coventry University (and others) are doing in the area of social media engagement I’m concious that we’ll very soon have to start developing our plans for field research. This will have two stages: firstly, talking … Read more