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Project Outputs

It’s been a fairly busy few weeks but the SM4BCE project has now produced all of it’s required outputs and is now essentially finished. This doesn’t mean the work of the project is over – I’m really confident that Coventry University will continue to use social media for it’s business engagement and that the way … Read more

Second Focus Group: Outcomes

Last week’s focus group was another really interesting session – it was a slightly smaller group this time with only three business and community representatives but we had a great discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of social media use. Interestingly, we came to some of the same conclusions as last time particularly in terms … Read more

All Change!

Quite a lot has changed since my last post – I was offered a job at the University of Nottingham which I’m taking up at the start of June and as a result the end date of this project has moved forward to the end of May. The last week has been a slightly frantic … Read more

Really Taking Off

The past few weeks have been really, really busy! Suddenly awareness of social media seems to be everywhere across the University and I keep getting requests to go and talk to people about what I’m doing with this project and how they can take advantage of it. In addition to using the Coventry University twitter feed … Read more

Digital Storytelling

The project continues to proceed apace – I can’t believe it’s the end of March already! It’s getting quite exciting as new people see the potential of social media and start to actually use it which means I’m feeling reassured that the project will have had some impact. As the project is due to end in July … Read more

Social Media Tools: Yammer

Since the Focus Group session in December I have been looking into a social networking site called Yammer. Yammer is an enterprise social network, originally a small start up but now owned by Microsoft, which purports to improve communications across organisations. As I’m sure anyone who works in HE is aware, Universities aren’t the best … Read more

Case Studies: JISC Webinar

One of the things I hadn’t really realised was that the funding for this project was to be used not just to buy out staff time to deliver the project but also to buy out time for development and training activities. A few weeks ago I attended a webinar run by Andy Stewart of Jisc … Read more

Measuring Progress

One of the issues I’ve struggled to address so far is how to measure progress/success in this project. My default answer has been “getting any kind of business-facing activity onto our social media channels” but as we start to move towards the end of the project in July I really want to start looking at … Read more

Starting to Use Social Media

My main task over the past few weeks has been to start to generate content for the University’s social media sites which will be interesting and relevant to businesses – as mentioned before I’m primarily focussing in Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m initially focussing on three key areas of the University’s business and community engagement: Events: … Read more