Social Media for Business and Community Engagement is a Jisc-funded project, running from June 2012 to May 2013, which aims to transform the way Coventry University interacts with its stakeholders in business and the community through the use of social media.

Coventry University already has a strong reputation in the field of business engagement however, at a time when Higher Education Institutions face unprecedented pressure to work more effectively with partners in the public and private sectors, it is vital that we explore the potential of new technologies to enhance Coventry University’s organisational capability in this area. As new methods of communication, such as social media, become the norm there is a risk that the University will cease to interact effectively with its target audience unless it starts to use these channels effectively. This project aims to learn from best practice both within Coventry University, such as the innovative augmented reality advertising used in Coventry University’s 2012/13 student recruitment campaign, and from across the Higher Education sector as a whole.