All Change!

Quite a lot has changed since my last post – I was offered a job at the University of Nottingham which I’m taking up at the start of June and as a result the end date of this project has moved forward to the end of May. The last week has been a slightly frantic whirlwind of planning, list making and case study writing to ensure that I’m actually in a position to close the project sensibly.

I spent a significant amount of time updating my written project case study – which now stands at a whopping 3,700 words – and then discussing my case study with Sarah Chesney who is the JISC critical friend assigned to my project. It’s not finished yet by any means but I feel like I’ve made a real step forwards with it. I have two pages of notes which outline suggested changes to it as well as a few bits of analysis of various research which I need to drop in but I’m confident that I can get all of this done in time. Once it is I will try to get a copy hosted as part of this blog – I noticed yesterday one of the other Transformations projects had managed to do this via Slideshare but I’m not sure my coding skills are quite up to that!

I’ve also had to think about the two other outputs I need to produce – the audio/video case study required by JISC and the social media for business engagement toolkit which I’ve always intended to be the project’s long term “legacy”. Thanks to the recent Jisc Netskills training session on Digital Storytelling I have an outline plan for my audio/video case study – all I need to do now is write a full script and then record it… The toolkit was a bit more tricky but with some more assistance from the wonderful Sarah I’ve at least got a sense of something I can do quite easily and that can be hosted as part of this blog.

Next up is a second project focus group next Tuesday with another group of business representatives. I’m excited about this as we got so much useful feedback from the last session – I just hope we can get as much out of this one!