Really Taking Off

The past few weeks have been really, really busy! Suddenly awareness of social media seems to be everywhere across the University and I keep getting requests to go and talk to people about what I’m doing with this project and how they can take advantage of it.

In addition to using the Coventry University twitter feed (@covcampus for those interested) to promote business-relevant activity I’ve also finally got access to the Coventry University LinkedIn page – something which I’ve been trying to do for three whole months! I think LinkedIn is the obvious route for engaging business contacts with what the University can offer and it’s a platform which seems to be growing and developing all the time. My current task is to get all of our key products and services detailed on the LinkedIn page and ensure there’s a regular stream of exciting content so we can start to engage our current followers and hopefully attract some new ones! There’s still a debate about whether we need a dedicated twitter feed for our business-facing activity but to be honest I think something like that would require full-time support, something which I’m just not able to provide.

I’ve also been working with the University’s Social Media Officer to ensure that social media for business engagement is getting fed into our new Marketing Strategy. I can’t say very much about this, mostly because I haven’t seen the final version but it’s becoming increasingly clear that there will be a need for dedicated resources to ensure the work of the project continues after July and I’m currently working to develop the business case for this.