Case Studies: JISC Webinar

One of the things I hadn’t really realised was that the funding for this project was to be used not just to buy out staff time to deliver the project but also to buy out time for development and training activities. A few weeks ago I attended a webinar run by Andy Stewart of Jisc Infonet¬†which provided some more details on the reporting requirements for Transformations projects – a written case study & a short audio or video case study. The webinar was really useful, not just as a reminder of the work I still need to do, but in providing some good hints and tips about how to successfully complete both case studies. Andy also signposted some good examples created by other projects in the programme which I’m definitely planning to check out!

Most of the advice regarding the written case study was reasonably self-evident but there were definitely a few points I need to bear in mind as I complete mine:

  • Use a PESTLE/SWOT analysis to complete the Key Drivers section
  • Ensure you capture things that didn’t work
  • Think about what you would do differently if you ran the project again
  • Ensure you capture how the work of the project will be sustained

The main piece of advice I took from the section on the video case studies was to keep it short! Andy recommended a two to five minute video or audio description which definitely feels achievable. I’m also due to attend a Jisc workshop on digital storytelling later this month which will help develop my thinking about the video case study further.