Measuring Progress

One of the issues I’ve struggled to address so far is how to measure progress/success in this project. My default answer has been “getting any kind of business-facing activity onto our social media channels” but as we start to move towards the end of the project in July I really want to start looking at ways we can measure this activity.

Coincidentally the University is investing a lot of resource into social media activity in general which is something which has become increasingly helpful as this project progresses. In particular they’ve just invested in Hootsuite Pro and Brandwatch, both of which include a number of features to track and analyse social media activity which should help me to gather some more detailed statistics about the impact of the project’s activity. Brandwatch also helps you to analyse activity across the web so it should be able to help me see where the University’s business-facing activity is already being talked about and to enable us to capitalise on this.

It’s still early days for me in terms of using both these resources so I’m still getting my head around how exactly they work and how to best use them. The exciting thing is that I now potentially have access to data sources which will allow me to measure the real impact of the project!