Action Learning Sets: Number Three

Last Friday I participated in my third Action Learning Set. I have to admit I was skeptical about how useful these would be when we were first asked to participate in them but they’re actually incredibly helpful – for both reassurance and shared learning.

We spent a lot of time in this session talking about ensuring our projects are sustainable, that they have an impact that goes beyond the life of the project and that they become part of what your Institution does in the long term. In fact when I first started this project my biggest concern was how I could turn a relatively small project into real institutional change. I’ve been lucky however in that my work has coincided with two things: the design of a brand new Coventry University, designed to be much more social and the arrival of our new Marketing & Communications Director, who is very keen to make the University a leader in social media.┬áThis project is of course about business engagement which is not the same thing as marketing but it’s encouraging to see the University dedicating more resource to supporting social media – this makes me very optimistic that my work will have a life beyond the end of this project.

We also spent a bit of time talking about some of the outcomes we have to deliver as part of our funding agreements with Jisc – both a written and a video case study. I have to admit I haven’t spent much time thinking about either so far which means my key actions from this Action Learning Set are as follows:

  • Start working on written case study template as provided by Jisc
  • Begin planning video case study, including thinking about other people who could participate

I also want to continue to think about ensuring the sustainability of the project by getting other members of our business development staff involved with using social media to engage with businesses. We also briefly discussed social media policies and whether they need to be tailored to suit specific activities so this will be something I take forwards as we start to use social media in a business context.