Reviewing JISC Resources

As mentioned following the last Action Learning Set session one of my objectives was to write a post reviewing my use of JISC resources. As I’ve been struggling to find relevant JISC resources for the project this post also covers some of the reasons I’ve used less than anticipated. So here goes:

Addressing barriers to Business and Community Engagement
This resource is at too high a level and is not really relevant as it looks at how to embed a culture of Business & Community Engagement at an Institution. Our project is addressing a specific area of Coventry’s Business & Community Engagement and builds on an already strong culture of Business & Community Engagement at Coventry University.

I thought this might be useful for my benchmarking study but none of the tools provided were particularly relevant

Collaborative Online Tools (for BCE)
The technology covered by this resource is already too mainstream, given the pace of technology change over the past few years. I think the University is already using most of these tools and they are not relevant to the aims of this project

Embedding Business and Community Engagement (BCE) infoKit
This resource was simply at too high a level, aimed at big instutional programmes to create a culture of business and community engagement. Coventry University already has this sort of culture and the aim of this project is address technology change and ensure communication with business and community groups keeps pace.

Impact Calculator
I thought this might be  a resource for measuring the results of the project but it concentrates on measuring cost and efficiency savings which is not a particular aim for this project.

Maximising the Impact of BCE Partnerships
This resource was simply too high level for our project which looks at a specific facet of Business and Community Engagement

Online Promotion of Research Expertise
This was a very useful resource and provided invaluable information as I started my benchmarking study. A separate post has been written about this resource.

Walking Thru Time
This is a very specific app based project with a different aim to ours. However some of their experiences may be useful once this project gets to the testing stage